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Initial consultation

If you would like to find out more about how Carol could help you with your garden please call on
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Initial Consultation

The first informal stage to meet you, to see your outdoor space and discuss at length your specific requirements. I will show you previously completed work, discuss in detail and specific to your needs with sketches, photographs, and other relevant items. We will discuss the design process and you will have an opportunity to consider if I am the right designer for your needs.

This stage however is often followed up with a design proposal. This includes a brief report of the meeting, images to illustrate initial ideas and details of the design stages and fees.



Pictures (B) 1 Survey

The garden is carefully surveyed. This is essential to understand the uniqueness of a garden from its size, its levels, soil analysis, its orientation, and all necessary observations from with in and close to the garden. These details are all documented and a scaled plan is drawn up of the garden. From this essential plan the designing can start to take place.



Concept & inspiration board

Following the completion of the site survey, concept design plans are drawn up. The design brief, started during the initial consultation, is developed further, many ideas are explored, and these are then discussed along with the survey plan until a single concept is agreed and proceeded with to the final stage.



plan 3D visual

From the chosen concept plan a detailed scaled presentation plan is drawn up with the necessary details to illustrate how the finished garden would look. This will be used along with other plans and documents to communicate accurate and detailed information to everyone involved with the project. You may want to build the garden yourself. An accurate plan will ensure the design remains intact through to the completion of the build.



PORTFOLIO SHEET Honey border Plant plan + perspective complete

Following the presentation plan approval. A planting plan is drawn up if required. Often thought of as the stage where the ‘site’ actually becomes a garden. This plan positions all the pants with specific names, and quantities on a plan. Detailed care instructions, in order to look after the new plants are also provided.



Setting Out Plan

Following the approval of the presentation design plan, detailed technical drawings, together with specification plans are drawn up to ensure accurate quotes for constructing the garden are received in order to keep control over the budget, together with the survey and presentation plan. From these documents contractors can quote for the project accurately.



A comprehensive and detailed list of everything needed to produce quotes to build the garden to the agreed design, important in order for comparable quotes to be obtained.

The contract will largely depend on the size, design and nature of the project.


Project Inspection

Project inspection service that I can carry out whilst the garden is being constructed to ensure communication between all parties for efficiency and smooth running of the project, to the agreed design.

The Terms of Engagement I use is from the Society of Garden Designers and can be seen on request.

all up




If you would like to find out more about how Carol can help you with your garden, please call t: 01483 536 902 or m: 07791 099 460
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