Project Overview

Large sunny border

Land left by rebuilding a garage gave scope to design a brand new planting area in full sun.

The wish list

An undeveloped space needed some care and attention. The rest of the garden was dominated by lawn, so good planting with some colour was required – but it needed to blend seamlessly with the design of the existing garden.

The magic wand

I created a curved bed, which tied in with other curved elements throughout the garden, including new steps that had been added as part of the redevelopment. I chose a beautiful evergreen tree that would appeal to wildlife, and planted deciduous shrubs, perennials and ground cover plants to give year-round interest. Then I added fragrant plants, grasses and bulbs to make sure there’s always something new to look at.

The response

What was originally a bare and uninteresting area is now a real part of the garden. With a great mix of plants and a full-sun position, it really adds to the overall beauty of the garden.