Project Overview

Rural pond planting

Photographed 2006 – 2007
New planting around an existing pond in a large garden in Effingham.   Sensitive planting that makes the most of its lovely rural location.

The wish list

The shape of the pond needed to be considered when creating a planting plan, and access for wildlife was also important to the garden’s owners.

The magic wand

A gentle slope to the right of the pond was covered with pebbles and left almost free of planting to allow wildlife to get in and out of the pond easily. The surrounding borders took shape over time, retaining a soft flowing line and a lovely pallet of colours to create a focal point from the house the blended with the rural landscape beyond the garden boundary.

The response

The owners were delighted with the results – a beautifully planted area, sympathetic to the existing pond and a fabulous view from inside their home.

before (2004)

before (2004)