Project Overview

Pots and Pom Poms

It’s amazing what you can do in a small space. Good design, thoughtful planting and a sense of fun can create a beautiful oasis in any garden.

1. A terracotta trough was filled with subtle blues, silvers and green.
2. and 3. A terracotta trough filled with a range of blue and purple spring bulbs.
4. A terracotta pot filled with a selection of plants from winter pansies to spring tulips all in a range of pinks.
5. A white window box looks cute with pansies.
6. Overflowing with summer bedding and succulents in tall terracotta pots.
7. A medium terracotta pot is stunning with bright pinks, brilliant greens and dashing silvers.
8. A group of four pots to welcome you home. Red to match the door.
9. Red berries for Christmas.
10. And 11. A tiny raised border for additional interest, with a strong evergreen shrub for an architectural focal point. Ferns were used for under planting, along with box balls of varying sizes and spring bulbs for colour.