Project Overview

Rich Colours in East sloping garden

Over several years of garden maintenance, I have transformed this garden from a large, lawned space into a garden where bold planting sits alongside herb beds and seating areas where the owners can enjoy the view.

The wish list

Rather than a sudden change, this garden was altered over several years, retaining the large areas of well-maintained lawn, but adding careful planting to balance the garden’s overall design.

The magic wand

I created four herb beds close to the kitchen and added rich colours in the planting to contrast with the lawn. Seating places were created within a gravel border, together with a winding path. Behind an old moon-gate wall, existing borders were widened and re-planted. I replaced an old garage and shed with beautiful borders that create a colourful display along the entrance to the property. Finally, I added a shady raised corner bed designed to be enjoyed all year round from inside the house and from the garden itself.

The response

My clients have been delighted to see their garden change over time to something that adds delight to every day and real value to their property.