Project Overview

Rural front garden – David Wilson Homes Development

I have designed a front garden for a couple who had moved into a recently completed development by David Wilson Homes in Milford, Surrey.

The wish list

  • Hedge, boundary fence and drive to remain as is.
  • Reduce the impact of the many manhole covers
  • Low maintenance
  • Planting to be in-keeping with the area and attractive to beneficial wildlife, that is also resistant to rabbits and deer.
  • Plants suitable for the soil (mainly acid clay /small areas very dry near the edges of the drive)
  • Plants suitable for the orientation (full sun).
  • Plants for year round interest.  A range of sizes, types, shapes, textures, colours and some with a lovely fragrance.

The magic wand

The striking architecture may have come about as a reflection of the original agricultural past use, with very tall houses, bold use of blue grey vertical cladding and in contrast the colour red used in the brickwork and roof tiles.

With the architecture as my inspiration, I created an asymmetric design.  A colour palette to compliment the strong colours behind it on the house, of blues, silver, reds, oranges along with a range of green shades.  I carefully chose plants that were resistant to the unwanted wildlife but attractive to the beneficial ones such as bees, butterflies and birds.  I did this by selecting plants with berries such as a Rowan tree, and recycled plants from the original front garden development planting, such as Cotoneaster horizontalis, which is great for covering manhole covers as it is low growing, evergreen with cream flowers in spring and red berries in winter.

To take advantage of the space and to fit in all my clients wishes for plants, I removed all the turf and replaced it with planting.  The scheme was completed with a mulch of shingle to enhance the plants, keep in moisture and enable natural paths through for close enjoyment of the plants together with when plant care is required.

The response

“Carol it looks totally different and I am very happy with the end result….

It has been lovely, I enjoyed your visits.

Any time you want to call round you are welcome”