Project Overview

Rural sloping rear garden – David Wilson Homes development

I designed a rear garden for a couple with mobility requirements as a new garden in a recently completed development by David Wilson Homes in Milford, Surrey.

The wish list

  • A generous patio, one near the house, one smaller in the sunnier higher part
  • Suitable access for a person with mobility requirements
  • An asymmetric design
  • Year round interest
  • A water feature

The magic wand

The striking architecture may have come about as a reflection of the original agriculture past use, as the house are very tall with bold use of blue grey vertical cladding and in contrast the colour red is used in brickwork and roof tiles.

With the architecture as my inspiration, I created an asymmetric design with bold central feature.  The central feature mirroring the tall central landing window of the property.  Using red clay bricks to define a large rectangle, a bubbling ‘Mill Stone’ water feature linking to the agricultural past, completed with cobbles.

I designed a higher seating area in the sunny corner, and as a result a gentle sloping path with hand rail to aid access under colourful arches, reflecting the tall architectural shape, and at the same time being perfect hosts for climbing fragrant plants with which to enjoy on route.

A sufficient area of lawn retained for games, with colourful borders around and a gentle slope to aid access to a seating area with more interesting views of the rural countryside beyond the boundaries.

The response

You very cleverly incorporated my ‘must haves’ into the design and I love the water feature. The plants, some needing to be recycled from the overfilled, original front garden development. The planting is balanced, and it reminds me of flower arranging.  As I look out of the window the whole area looks fresh and sharp, it is quite refreshing to get away from curves.